boogiezombieIf you’ve ever quoted an Arnold Schwarzenegger film, danced awkwardly with a girl while trying to conceal an erection, or wished there was a an anthem to the Olive Garden, well then you are probably awesome. Also, there’s a very good chance that Bonecage is creating music that is tailor-made for you.

Bonecage combines irreverent comedy with well-written and often powerful arrangements and vocals that are atypical of the comedy/nerd rock genre.¬†Shamelessly exploring humorous and often embarrassing topics, Bonecage forces you to look inward and assess your own soul…

Actually, he wrote a song about fake vaginas and just wants you to have a good time because, if you are not having fun while listening to music, then really what’s the point?

Some topics Bonecage has explored include:

  • Total Recall/Predator
  • Bear attacks
  • Accidentally seeing your best friend’s penis
  • Grandma (his, yours, everybody’s)
  • Having sex with mermaids
  • His belly button

If you enjoy artists such as Tenacious D, Jonathan Coulton, Presidents of the United States of America, They Might Be Giants, and Weird Al Yankovic, then you are sure to like Bonecage. And, if you are still not sold, his new album has a sweet shark on it…

Fish Food

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