Just for fun, here is the first song I ever wrote/recorded myself.

I did this like, 8 years ago maybe. It was back in Ohio, around the time when my punk band was trying to record our 2nd full album. We built a studio and tried really hard, but we sucked and didn’t know what we were doing.

Anyways, I started writing my own stuff, and I would go in a record it. This song came about after I did some mushrooms with my friends and stared at a stream for 3 hours. Lyrics are a little cheesy to me now, but still fun to listen to.

Chimp Song

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New(ish) song for you.

It has actually been up for a little bit now, but I forgot to post it here because I’m simple. Anyways, “Soup Beans and Cornbread” is available for download from a few different places. Probably here too…

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Tera is a fun game, but I’m still distracted by life.

So, I always wanted to try Tera, mainly because it could be played with a controller, and I always wanted an MMORPG that did that. Finally, it went free to play, and I downloaded it. So far, it’s pretty cool. Nice combat, great graphics, etc… but it’s still not quite enough to break my head away from guilty thoughts.

These thought mostly come in the form of “Hey asshole, why are you playing a game when you should be writing music?”
Then, I respond to myself “Because, dick, I spend a bunch of time writing music, and then become horribly depressed because I don’t know what to do with it.”
Then, I watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and repeat.

I gotta start playing some shows here in Austin or something. At least ten I’d know if people think my music sucks immediately.

Also, on the off chance that someone other than a bot is reading this, please share anything you like. Give it to friends, post on a blog or something. I don’t care if I make a penny off anything. I just want feedback and maybe a little reassurance.

Ok pity party over. I feel better. If you have any suggestions or advice or your cousin Charlie has a podcast, email me. I’ll be all over that bitch!


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Brad Carter’s video for “Oh Shit What?!”

What is this feeling? It is odd and unfamiliar. It is the feeling of somebody giving a shit about something I did.

Brad Carter, I salute you. Goonies never say die, and now thanks to you, neither shall I!

Oh Shit What?! (Goonies tribute by Bonecage)

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New tunes for you.

Been a while since I posted stuff on here, but here are a couple songs for you to groove to.

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