Here’s what a few people had to say about my new album Fish Food.

Almost Nerdy

Naturally, the album is chock-full of nerdy references. Bonecage is especially good at bringing a new perspective and new jokes to old things, like in the song “Nathan the Predator” which discusses the difficulties of being a dreadlocked, headhunting alien… read more.


A real bucket of delicious auditory chum from Bonecage… read more.

Left Stick Down

I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard at music in forever. There’s something that Fish Food as a whole strikes in my insides. I don’t know if it’s my repressed silliness that has gotten locked away a bit as I’ve grown older, or just my funny bone finding its way back out… read more.

Capes and Cartridges

When I first listened to “Fish Food,” I was hit with a wave of nostalgia. What’s weird is that it wasn’t a wave of nostalgia about any songs or sound on the album — it was a nostalgia wave that pushed me back into a simpler time when the only jokes I thought about all the time related to dicks, sex, and poop… read more.

Punch Nerds

Every song on this album was ridiculous and hilarious and you won’t want to stop listening. This 14 track album has everything from Grandma’s, makeshift vaginas and Arnold Schwarzenegger movies… read more.

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